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Pesteco Pest Services


At Pesteco we pride ourselves on a preventative and proactive approach to pest management. We believe that the key to successful management and control of pests is in maintaining regular monitoring and treatments according to your individual pest management needs.

Our approach involves a 3 step process of assessing the situation (what is the issue, how long has it been an issue, where is it and what could be causing it), implementing an individualised approach (we work closely with the individual home owner, manager of the site, venue, or property and offer advice on the best approach to your pest concerns). The third step in this process is focussed on both monitoring the situation and maintaining a regular treatment schedule to ensure timely and ongoing management of your pest concerns.

It is important to note that some facilities may require reassessment and adjustment of this initial approach and ongoing monitoring, however our qualified and friendly technicians are there to guide you and your business through the entire process and will explain all recommendations; working with you to choose the best solution.